»Jürgen Schrempp and the Making of an Auto Dynasty.
The Story of the Man behind DaimlerChrysler«

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»Jürgen Schrempp and the Making of an Auto Dynasty.
The Story of the Man behind DaimlerChrysler«


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»Jürgen Schrempp and the Making of an Auto Dynasty«
The Story of the Man behind DaimlerChrysler«
(englischsprachige Hardcover-Ausgabe), McGraw-Hill,
New York 2000, ISBN 0-07-135132

Publishers information (McGraw-Hill)

»A world champion in advertising particularly for himself.«
Jürgen Grässlin

Jürgen Schrempp and the Making of an Auto Dynasty examines the man behind what The Wall Street Journal calls
»the biggest industrial merger of all time.«

A bestseller in Europe, this is the first biography of the man Business Week named one of the top 25 executives of 1999, one of »a new breed of CEOs who will manage truly global enterprises in the next century.« Biographer Grässlin presents a man who thrives on risk: whether tackling a sheer rock face in the Italian Alps or facing down the unions, Schrempp never backs down from a challenge, and usually wins.
Grässlin weaves his story from primary sources: confidential documents obtained from Daimler-Benz, interviews with Schrempp’s colleagues and associates, and material from five interviews with Schrempp, himself. While this biography is unauthorized, Schrempp has approved the quotes he provided. This inside look at how Schrempp rose from an auto mechanic to one of the most powerful men in the world provides key insights into how he might lead DaimlerChrysler in the twenty-first century.
Readers will learn about the two faces of Jürgen Schrempp: he’s one of the most responsible and assertive corporate leaders in the world, but also one of the most ruthless and power hungry - earning the nickname »Rambo in Pinstripes.« He is a master at withstanding and deflecting even the harshest criticism: he is as arrogant in admitting his mistakes as in celebrating his triumphs.
Grässlin covers Schrempp’s success as head of Daimler-Benz in Germany - within three years achieving profits the likes of which had never been seen before, and unleashing a new entrepreneurial spirit. But Grässlin also digs deeper, covering both less well-known and more controversial periods in Schrempp’s career, especially his time in South Africa and the United States between 1974 and 1987. In Pretoria, Schrempp rose from a customer service manager to chairman of Mercedes-Benz of South Africa, deciding to stay in business in South Africa at the height of apartheid, when many companies left.
Today Schrempp maintains that the changes in South Africa were possible only because some western companies shared his attitude. Whether or not Schrempp’s analysis is justified, it shows one of his great skills: presenting potentially weak arguments so persuasively that he wins people over. He has a unique ability to give adversaries the feeling that they too are important, therefore gaining allies as he wins every negotiating point. His handling of adversaries while he was president of Euclid, an American Daimler subsidiary, sheds light on negotiations he will certainly face at DaimlerChrysler.
What can we expect from Schrempp as the head of DaimlerChrysler? He is am man who enjoys testing his own physical and mental limits, and he demands nothing less from his colleagues and employees. He has no reservations about defeating those who stands in his way. In today’s global business community, Schrempp cannot be ignored.

About the Author: Jürgen Grässlin is the Speaker of KAD (Organization of Critical Shareholders of Daimler-Benz) and has been one of Schrempp’s most outspoken critics. Schrempp nonetheless agreed to grant five interviews with the author for this book. Grässlin lives in Freiburg, Germany.

211 pages, Hardcover, McGraw-Hill, New York 2000, ISBN 0-07-135132-9, $24.95 U.S.A.


Informations about the German Edition:
»Jürgen E. Schrempp. Der Herr der Sterne«

»Rambo in Pinstripes«
(Der Spiegel)

Who is the man who decides the fate of the largest company in Germany? False judgements and scandals shape the image of the president of the Daimler-Benz AG in public. No one has ever written so directly and genuinely about the true Schrempp.

Jürgen E. Schrempp is known as the power-conscious Rambo among German managers. Since he overtook the presidency of the biggest German concern as Edzard Reuter’s successor in 1995, he has been accompanied by scandals and headlines. Nevertheless the Daimler-Benz AG is indisputably on the path of success again under his direction.

Jürgen Grässlin, of all people, one of his sharpest critics, was granted an extensive view of his career and of his economic and political opinions. Before the background of numerous conversations with friends and opponents of Schrempp, a profile of an unusual man arises - awkward, critical, pointed.

The book focuses upon Schrempp’s career and his positions on the key questions of our time:

Keyword Career: Which strategy did Schrempp use to become president?

Keyword Responsibility: Are managers and politicians fulfilling their duty to promote technologies of the future and to create jobs?

Keyword Globalisation: How can the economic site Germany prove itself in the world-wide competitory battle?

Pugnacious and uncomfortable: This first portrait of Jürgen E. Schrempp shows astounding news ides of the most successful and likewise controversial manager of the republic.

Jürgen Grässlin, born in 1957, is the spokesman of the Critical Shareholders of Daimler-Benz (KAD). He has carried on an intense dialogue with Jürgen Schrempp for many years. Grässlin is the author of several books, among them »Daimler-Benz: The Company and her Republic« (Knaur Pocketbooks). 
He lives in Freiburg.

384 Pages with 8 pages of photographs, Droemer-Verlag München 1998, ISBN 3-426-27075-7, Hardcover 39.90 DM / 291,-- öS / 37.-- sFr.

Reviews and Commentaries of the German Edition of the book
»Jürgen E. Schrempp. Der Herr der Sterne« 

»Certainly a liaison apart.«                                                                                 
Die Zeit

»The book was an elk test for Jürgen Grässlin: In spite of all prophesies of doom - Grässlin did not turn over.«                      
Landesschau aktuell Südwest 3 (Television)

»The author draws a surprisingly differentiated picture of the Daimler boss as a very tough manager with quite appealing traits.«
Landesschau Journal Südwest 3 (Television)

»... the Daimler boss will not always see himself presented in such a favourable light.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung                                                                                            

»The head of the concern can live well with the result. Just the fact that he faced a critic will help his image.«
Der Spiegel                                                                           

»Many corpses lie upon Schrempp’s way to the top of the concern. The book should not be called »The Lord of the Stars«, but rather »Among Vultures«.«
Südwest Presse

»Grässlin has caused quite a sensation with his book about the Daimler-Benz boss Jürgen Schrempp.«  
Stuttgarter Nachrichten

»The Schrempp biographer Grässlin has kept his portrait free of ideological black-white colouring.«  
Stuttgarter Nachrichten 

»Grässlins absolutely readable, fact-filled work illuminates the concern in a more realistic way than the recently published memoirs of the fallen, narcessistic Edzard Reuter.«  
Frankfurter Rundschau

»The book is recommendable and exciting to read.«
Mittagsmagazin Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (Television)