Biographical data Jürgen Grässlin

Biographical data Jürgen Grässlin

Jürgen Grässlin was born on 18th September 1957 in Lörrach (near the German-Swiss border). Three years later the family moved to Freiburg i.Br., where he visited the Kepler-Gymnasium and studied at the college of education. In 1979 he married his wife Eva. They have two children.

Since 1982 Grässlin is a school teacher. »In my opinion it is one of the most important assignments of pedagogues to encourage children and help them to become peacefully acting people in terms of peace pedagogics«, Grässlin says. »Furthermore we can help them gaining self-esteem, lust for life and education of their path of life.«

For 18 years Grässlin has been a member of the School Regional Council Freiburg. In this function he was responsible for mentoring the Schülermitverantwortung (SMV), the student councils and their helping teachers at about 500 schools in the Southwest of Baden-Württemberg. The SMV is a democratic institution, assuring the right of co-determination of pupils.

Up to the present Jürgen Grässlin is teaching with a full teaching load at the Lessing-Realschule Freiburg.

Political Functions

Grässlin is Spokesman of the campaign »Crying out loud – Stop Weapons Exports!«, of the German Peace Society (DFG-VK) and the Critical Shareholders of Daimler (KAD). He is Director of the Armaments Information Office (RIB e.V.). Grässlin is a author of a great variety of critical non-fiction books about weapons exports, military and economic policy (see bibliography).